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more Koala nose action for my sweetheart!image

enjoy~ image

 Chloé (c) unit from ma beloved one

I tried a new art style this time image I always liked this * koala noses*, haha!


Paulette (c) my unit

The mad king again hehe~

I got inspired by the king himself!  the chibi Gangrel with this cool outfit idea in this post really got me~

well enjoy!

*fullview plz!*

well here it is~ : AxB In Fire Emblem: Awekening style! 

it can´t be helped~ I love this game to much thehe~

Abihiko [War Monk] (c) my beloved one

Beiji [Taguel] (c) my Oc! 

Long live the mad pasha king!


Gangrel (c) Fire Emblem Awakening

Paulette (c) My Unit

Happy Birthday  you sweetass sexy bastard pasha Gangrel! image

* Coloration coming soon! *


aaaand here my unit with my redesign! image (my sweet little tomboy thehe~ <3)

enjoy~ image

The lovely unit Chloé from my beloved one! image

I decided to make a redesign from the tacticans…to make them look different!

enjoy! image

Chloé (c) My beloved ones unit!

They will never get along  http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcu2L29x1qzckow.gif


Paulette (c) my unit

Walhart (c) Fire Emblem Awakening

God dammit Gangrel! why are you so lovely!?  image


enjoy image

Yarne/chambray [Bunny buddy! >w<]  and Gangrel (c) Fire Emblem

Paulette (c) my unit!