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enjoy your cup of liquid death, smart ass…image

I will! ~  image


I got inspired from this wonderful phone call from redfieldandnivans!

The image of chris´ face in my mind made me laugh very hard haha XD

enjoy! ^O^)/

welcome home, soldier…

thank you, captain…


The ending everyone wants! and never get OTL

Naaaah I just couldn´t resist to draw this! I just love them to hard ;w;

brb crying OTL

enjoy! ;w; *sob sob*

Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans (c) Resident Evil , Capcom

Piers! Captain! Piers! Captain! Piers! Captain! Piers! Captain! Piers! Captain! Piers! Captain! Piers! Captain! Piers! Captain! Piers! Captain!

Partner avas for my sweetheart and me! We just love Chris and Piers~ they are SO cute ;w;
*sob sob*

enjoy! \^O^/


…not this time…

(Listening to Nujabes; with rainy eyes song and wanted to draw a Doodelinski of RE 6! -damn it Piers!!!  ;A;)

PIIEEERRRRS!?  Rin PLZ! why are you doing this to me!? ;___;


…anyway : he´s adorable like always….;w;

Gamescom 2014

part 3!

enjoy (ノ≧ڡ≦) Teehee~!

Gamescom 2014

part 2!

enjoy (ノ≧ڡ≦) Teehee~!

Gamescom 2014

part 1!

enjoy (ノ≧ڡ≦) Teehee~!


5 YEARS A x B!!!!!!! <3

Just wanted to do a “simple” coloration….kinda comic like and well…with a shojo filter XDDDD *hearts everywhere*

To Suppensensei:

Hier natürlich auch mein Bild zum 5jährigen! Ich liebe unseren süßen beiden OC`s und finde auch nach 5 Jahren darf es ruhig noch rosa Herzchen regnen XDDD

Und du bist und bleibst mein übelstes BFF alda digga sis darlin cutie patootieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! SRS BUSINESS FRIENDLOVESHIP YO!


Awwhn baby yeah! I just love our sweet couple here! >w< So adorabke and omg this shojo filter is awesome haha! >DD

to ma sweetheart:

also dieser rosa traum ist einfach nur wuuuunderbar! \(^O^)/ Und nach sovielen Jahren darf ruhig so einiges fliegen..THEHE! >:B

Yo~ luv dich auch voll hard baby guuurl! =`3´= Our love will last 4 ever!


Home sweet home

5th anniversary from AxB

Well, my sweetheart and I played to much Animal Crossing New leaf the last months so…it have to be a AC inspired  anniversary pic this year, haha~

some words for my sweetheart:

"Wow~ schon 5 Jahre haben unsere lieben zwei aufm Buckel hm?

Wie die Zeit vergeht~ UwU Und trotzdem können wir nicth aufhören diese zwei zu lieben~ Und auch genauso wie unsere süßen hier lieb ich dich auch üüüber alles, und sogar noch ein bisschen mehr haha! >w<

Love ya my Hoooooney! >O<”


Even after 5 years~ I still love them from the bottom of my heart and hope you all will do,too!


Abi (c) by my sweetheart

Beiji (c) me!

When that one person logs on




It’s not cute or graceful either it’s as if you actually body slammed into them its uncomfortable and painful.