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Abi and Beiji doodles in Animal Crossing style! :D

I just love this game~ <3


Birthday card for my boyfriend~

hope ya still like it~ \(>w<)/


Rosalina , Luma (c) Super Mario series, Nintendo

My illustrations from the matchmaking 3d game project!

enjoy ^O^)/

gosh it felt like one thousand years the last time i draw my beloved Oc paaring AxB…. I´m so sorry!  *sob sob*

made this for my dashboard design


AxB (c) my honey and me!

Well~ nothing special ;

Just a sweet bishonen Neiji for fun!

(and because of the idea from my honey~ so it´s for ya ;3)

enjoy! ^O^)/

Neiji (c) ME! meeeeeee!!! muhahaha DX



Sims 3 and Skyrim oh god

Pokemon Y and Tomodachi Life

…Dark Souls 2 and Tomodachi Life

(de fuck D:)

- part 2 -

from the old 2D Game project~


-part 1-Very old Illustrations from a old 2D Game project~

Yetis ahoy!


Another doodle! (and another new Oc) ) ^O^)/ …definitively not evil~ *cough* 

enjoy! >w<)/

…I couldn’t help and made another doodle from a new Oc~ (belongs to Darleen!) for my little idea I have, thehe~ >w< [his outfit concept is not ready yet~ >w>*]

enjoy~! ^O^)/